well performed inspections are the key

to fast insurance claims settlement

Inspections of damaged items play a key role in the settlement of insurance claims, one of the insurance company's most critical processes. Automation and digitization of this process will ensure thorough control and acceleration of this process for the insurance company, up to tens of percentage points. Along with the simplification of the entire process this change positively impacts the satisfaction of the insured and the efficiency of the insurance company.

Speed and simplicity matter


of clients consider the speed of an insurance claim settlement to be the key parameter for selecting an insurance company


of clients consider the process of insurance settlement to be complicated and stressful

Faster, cheaper and more

efficient claims settlement

The PosAm inspection system will ensure efficient management of the inspection process and repair of damaged items. The insurance company will gain a central management of inspections and external partners, and efficient tools for measuring the performance of internal experts. The approval process will be under control and the transparency of calculations will increase significantly. Work flow unification will be ensured independently of the external partner's calculation system.


paperless inspection

of the damaged item


reduction of payments for glass replacement

for motor vehicles


of time used for inspection saved, including documentation transfer


of time used for claim settlement saved thanks to claim segmentation


increase of claim settlement efficiency

thanks to the algorithm for assigning claim handlers